Alignment Lawful Evil
Domains Cannibalism, Death, Slavery, Torture, Tyranny
Portfolio Goddess of Sacrifice, revenge, underfolk
Favoured Weapon Sawtooth Saber
Unholy Symbol Handheld Iron Maiden containing fresh flesh

Deossubal is the god of the Troglodytes, Kobolds, and Goblins that live in the Whistling Mountains.

History Edit

Deossubal was once a powerful Shaman of the Relyeach Tribe, the oldest and largest Troglodyte tribe living under the Whistling Mountains. Within deep crevasses inside the mountain range the Reyleach Tribe had carved great cities into the walls.

When the humans, elves, and dwarves devout to the dragon Krolir started making a great tunnel from the Capitol Isisa on the eastern coast through to the western edge of the Whistling Mountains at the mouth of the Frozen Flow, they began encrouching on the Troglodytes territory. When the great cities were discovered Deossubal was adamant that she would not loose her city.

When she became besieged by the Combatants of Krolir she was ruthless in command, prisoners were tortured and then consumed. Her connection with the spirits allowed her to imbue herself with strength from the dead. Her resolve to keep her territory from Krolir cost thousands their lives defending and attacking the Combatants of Krolir. As her tribes population dwindled to the war she became increasingly more harsh, teaching her followers the secrets to consuming the weak or injured to gain power. Her most devout of followers were taught how to bind with souls to gain their power. As she drew influence to herself amongst the troglodyte tribes, she also added Goblins, Kobolds, and other underground denizens displaced or threatened by the advancing forces of Krolir.

When Krolir's champion Ardon Arlento the II lead a siege on her home city of Horoles she met him herself in battle. Though long and drawn out Deossubal was able to last until Ardon's prayer was answered by his god allowing him to land a lethal blow with his glaive, Spirit Breaker.

Seeing Deossubal fall gave her Spiritualist fighters an incredibly powerful spirit to call upon all other followers venerating her to the level of a god.

Goals Edit

The followers of Deossubal believe that all those not devout to Deossubal are heretics. All heretics should be enslaved, subjugated and tortured. Eventually eaten to gain the power of their flesh and souls.

Unholy Symbol Edit

The Iron Maidens held by the Clerics of Deossubal all contain a chunk of flesh freshly carved from a living or recently killed humanoid. Every day when they prepare their spells, they must add a fresh piece or they will have a weakened connection to Deossubal.

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