The Six Dragon War

This page is dedicated to the narrative chapters I write to accompany the world setting. When my players need more information than makes sense to give in a session or as exposition from an NPC I will create a chapter that is associated with the quest arc they are working on. There are NPCs, locations and items that will be discussed in the posts. I will use tumblr for now and if I find a better suited location for them later I will transfer the content and links at that time.

The Destruction of the Houses Edit

Each year there is a meeting of the richest families in Yalpontia to discuss the war and the implications it has on each of the dragons hoards. Even though the four dragon siblings are at war, they are still dragons and wish their hoards of riches to get larger and larger. This is done by taxing the populace for everything.

The annual meeting changes locations each year. Each ruling household must present ledgers of their families earnings and losses. The highest grossing family is given their choice of location for the meeting. The second highest earning house is the director of the proceedings.

At the meetings there are discussions of trade between territories for materials unavailable to each other, gains and losses of territory, and death tolls from the war, disease and crime. This is how each territory determines how much of the taxes collected in each territory goes to its dragon.   

Chapter One: Assault on the Flotilla Edit

The Search for the Tome Edit

Chapter 2: Enter Walde Hasher Edit

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