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This Wikia is for the Homebrew campaign setting written by myself with the assistance of my Pathfinder/Dungeons & Dragons group.

It is a work in progress and is in no way a complete setting, as I create the different aspects of the world setting I will do my best to add them to the Wikia as they are completed.

The WorldEdit

The world of Yalpontia is different than most, it has a Moon that is larger than itself, a great red orb Hal'Cique in the sky that blocks out the sun for months at a time.

As the year progresses in Yalpontia it goes through six seasons. Bright Light, Majesty's Reward, Shadows Birth, Session of the Lens, Crimson Retreat and Clear Dawn. The seasons of Bright Light, Majesty’s Reward, and Clear Dawn all enjoy the sun as shines bright on Yalpontia. Throughout Shadows Birth and Crimson Retreat the sun is obscured by Hal-Cique, casting crimson red shadows on the planet. The Session of the Lens is the time of year when Yalpontia is directly behind Hal-Cique. During this time, the entire world is bathed in light shone through Hal-Cique creating the effect that turns all natural light red. It is during this time of year that the world’s most deadly and cunning creatures and peoples become most active. Many of the Yalpontia’s events revolve around The Session of The Lens.

Hundreds of years ago it was ruled by an ancient dragon Aro-Tok and while he ruled there was prosperity and growth of all peoples and kingdoms. Aro-Tok had six children, Grobeth, Krolir, Jolek, Ch'ta'hur, Eolly and Maliel. Each of them had a territory of the continent that they governed in his name.



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